How Video Can Help Real Estate Agents in the Baltimore Area get More Listings

How can video help Baltimore area real estate agents get more listings?  Tom Ferry, a real estate marketing coach, recently talked about video and how it can help agents improve their marketing in 2018:

Tom makes several great points in his video:

1. Start your marketing with video.

Tom suggests that if you’re a real estate agent that you need to do a property video first  before you do anything else.   This is before you create flyers, postcards, or anything else.

“You shoot a video first on everything you do.”Tom Ferry

Video tours will be so important in 2018, that Tim said you need to do video first on EVERYTHING.  This means every listing – not just those that are million dollar or more listings.

So what does a video tour look like?  Here’s an example of a video walkthrough tour that we did at Charm City Virtual Tours:

2. Use Facebook Live.

Walkthrough video tours are amazing, but Tom also emphasizes the importance of using Facebook Live for video streaming.

How can a real estate agent use Facebook Live?

One idea is to ask people about their questions and concerns with buying and selling real estate.  An easy way to do this is to post an image on your Facebook Page and ask, “What scares you about buying and selling real estate?”  By using the feedback you receive you can create short videos of you addressing those concerns.

Still not convinced about the power of video?

“Google said that 85% of the world’s content will be video by 2019.”Tom Ferry

There’s a reason why that number is so huge:

"The business argument for using more video is simple: it works.

The Web Video Marketing Council (WVM) says online video has become a crucial part of the sales and marketing programs for most business-to-business (b2b) organizations, with 96% of those surveyed saying they now engage in video content marketing.  Nearly three-quarters report a positive impact on their marketing results."

- 'Show, don't tell: How video is swamping the internet', BBC News

And, according to Facebook’s Vice President of the EMEA (European, Middle Eastern and African)region, Facebook will probably be all video by around 2020 or 2021:

What else can real estate agents in the Baltimore area do to improve their marketing in 2018?

Something I’d like to mention here is this:

Use professional photography on every listing.

There is simply no point in having a video of a home if the photos make it look like a dark cave, like this listing from ‘Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos‘:

There’s also no point in doing a live video stream and getting thousands of  ‘Likes’ on your Facebook Page if your listings look terrible.  Why?

Because you need to be consistent with the messages that you send!

Both buyers and sellers love to watch videos (as long as they keep their attention), but if you’ve got a great looking video where people are being provided with information about the market in your area, but your photos are not appealing, then it isn’t going to have a benefit for you.

Even if only some of the photos aren’t very good people will feel let down, and  all of that hard work you’ve put into your videos will be undone!

So start doing more videos, but back them up with high-quality real estate photography.

If you have questions about how to incorporate video and professional photography into your real estate marketing, feel free to give us a call at 410-707-3306. We’d love to talk with you!

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