how to sell a home in a hot market

Selling a Home in a Hot Real Estate Market

The Baltimore real estate market is hot. With a low inventory of available properties, listings are often selling within days and for higher than list price.  How do you sell a home in this kind of market?

The two big things you want are great photos to attract more interested buyers and, of course, a really well presented home that buyers can fall in love with instantly.

Jeff Glover, a Michigan real estate agent, shares his thoughts on what home owners should do in this video:

I’d like to emphasize some the things that were said in this video:

Rachel Ruiz: So the picture can say a thousand words, and that’s what a lot of people see now – you can go online and see those initial pictures, and that makes the decision whether you even go through a house.

Jeff Glover: Even go see it, exactly.

As Rachel and Jeff noted, the photos that buyers look at online have a big impact on whether they will visit a property or contact the selling agent for more information.  I think we need to be really clear on this –

Photos either attract more buyers, or they turn them away.

If the photos aren’t great, the buyers won’t come, and when it comes to the photos there are two parts:

Part 1 is that the photos have to be technically excellent.  They can’t be too bright or too dark, they can’t have weird colors, look wonky, or not show the best angles of the home in the best light.  To show the home at its best, a realtor or home owner needs to hire the best real estate photographer in their area.

Why are the photos so important?  Well, even a beautiful home can look less than desirable if the photographer does not have the skill to know how to create images that sell.  So it’s important to spend the time to find a great photographer, and be willing to pay a little more if needed because those photos are the number one marketing tool you have.

Part 2 is that the home must be presented really well for the photo shoot, as well as for an open house or showings to potential buyers.

What can you do?

Clean the closets:  Potential buyers will look inside, so make sure they are prepared really well by removing unnecessary items, organizing them, and making them look as spacious as possible.

Stage the basement: Show potential buyers that you have livable space in the lower level.  Use your own furniture, borrow some, rent it, or hire a stager to make the area look like you go down there and use the area.

Clean the garage: Paint the floor so it looks clean and fresh, organize tools, and move things if needed to show the amount of available space for the cars.

The front of the home: First impressions count, so clean everything so that it looks amazing.  Trim the bushes, plant some flowers, decorate the porch, sweep the walkways and driveway, put away garbage cans and toys, etc.

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