Walkthrough Video

With more than 90% of homeowners starting their home search online, there is no substitute to a walkthrough video for a firsthand experience of the property. Even properties that lack curb appeal can benefit from video!

True video tours provide a walkthrough of the property; allowing buyers to get a sense of a property’s size and layout. Compared to traditional marketing, video is often cheaper than print materials, flyers, and other marketing tools.

Video is highly portable, and our online distribution strategy, links, and shareable options get your video to potential buyers! Your walkthrough video can be included with your virtual tour and emails, or embedded in your blog, website, etc. You may also share it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Isn’t it time you start taking advantage of using video in your marketing strategy?

Your custom walkthrough video from Charm City Virtual Tours includes:

  • High-definition video recording in 4K
  • Production, distribution, and delivery
  • Unlimited hosting
  • An Unbranded version for use on the MLS
  • Syndication to MRIS, YouTube, our Facebook business page, and other video sites
  • Music and transitions between scenes
  • A QR Code of your video for use in your marketing materials
  • Quick and responsive customer support
Pricing is based on several factors, including six and location of the property, and additional available options such as voiceovers, inclusion of branding, whether or not community amenities are to be included, etc. Please see our pricing page for additional information or call us to discuss your specific needs and receive a quote.
Based on the property size and included features desired, a video shoot itself may last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours or more. Additional time may be necessary if still photos are also being taken.
There are many different options available for video. Some may be more appropriate for your listing than others. In general, all our video tours include:

  • Edited, unbranded, video of the property.
  • Royalty-free background music and transitions.
  • Embeddable code for your blog, website and social networking groups.
  • Syndication to video and social networking sites.
We attempt to keep our video length between 3-5 minutes, depending on the property. Some videos may be longer in length, while others may be shorter in duration.
Usually your property video will be ready to view within 24-48 hours of the last scheduled shoot of the day. Based on your selected options, additional time may be required. We will provide you with the specific delivery date at the time of your order.