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2017 – Are You Ready?

2017 is starting off with a bang at Charm City Virtual Tours! We began our business in the fall of 2008 – just as the housing market was crashing around us! Since then we’ve photographed thousands of properties – residential real estate, commercial real estate, and those things in-between. It doesn’t look like this year will be an exception, and we’re looking forward to once again completing numerous projects for our clients.

For most businesses, the new year brings new services and new products. We aren’t any exception to that expectation. In recent months we’ve added our aerial (drone) video and photography service, became the first approved Zillow Photographer in Maryland, completely overhauled our website which was a major undertaking, and have developed new products for our clients to give them an “edge” over their competitors.

Although the winter months are generally slow(er) than normal, so far this year has been a bit different. While the sellers of residential real estate listing are busily putting away their holiday decorations and preparing for the spring market, we’ve been busy photographing commercial real estate. Two of our projects in the last month included the BrightWave Express Car Wash in Edgewood, MD and The Eclipse Apartment Building in Arlington, VA, with more projects scheduled through the year.

The Eclipse        Edgewood MD Car Wash

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