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Cheap, Fast, Good Photography in Baltimore – Pick Two

Are you looking for cheap, fast, good real estate photography in Baltimore?  With dozens of photographers available to select from, how does a real estate agent select one?

The saying, "You can have it cheap, fast or good. Pick any two," has been around for years and is often referred to as the Designers Holy Triangle. It's basically impossible to meet all three criteria at the same time. You then need to decide which two factors are most important to you (or which area you are willing to sacrifice). When applied to the area of photography, it certainly seems to be true.

Fast + Cheap = Not Good

When looking for a fast and cheap photographer, the quality of the images is sacrificed. Most likely you will be somewhat disappointed with the end result.  The photographer is forced into a position in which he or she must quickly take the photos to meet the lower end budget.  There is no time to consider composition or use supplemental lighting such as flashes, and there is very little time (if any) for editing the images.  This is truly an instance of getting what you pay for, and you may not find the quality to be acceptable for your needs. Photos may not be straight, and may be dark and dull in appearance. In our opinion this is the least desirable of the three options which are available to you.

Good + Cheap = Slow

When you want your photos to be good but don't want to pay a lot for them, be prepared for a longer delivery time as the photographer will fit your project in around clients who are willing to pay a bit more for their work.  If you select this option, be sure to give your photographer a long enough lead time so that your photos are delivered to you by the time you need them.

Good + Fast = Not Cheap

If you need great photos and you want a fast turnaround, expect to pay more for this service. The photographer will look for pleasing angles, evaluate the existing light (and often provide supplemental lighting or flashes), professionally edit your photos to ensure the best results, and deliver the photos to you within a short time period. The faster you need the photos, the more you can expect to pay.

Fast and Cheap...
Good and Cheap...
Good and Fast...

Which type of photography service are you looking for?

If you have questions about your photography needs, Charm City Virtual Tours can help you!

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