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How to Get a Higher Sale Price When Selling a Home in the Baltimore Area

Real estate coach, Tom Panos, was interviewed on Sky News in Australia about factors which affect the price of a home sale but his points are relevant for the Baltimore area as well.

“Make sure that as people are flying through (listings) that you’ve got photos and headlines that stops the consumer, and says, “Wow, look at that!”Tom Panos

With 51% of  buyers beginning their home search online (National Association of Realtors), Tom is correct in saying that the online marketing determines whether or not buyers will take the next step in requesting a showing.  If you don’t grab potential buyers with outstanding photos, they will search for a property that does get their attention. Research from the National Association of Realtors found that when using the internet for home searches, the number one thing Buyers found to be useful was the photos at 89%.  Forbes states that the only type of pictures that should be used in a marketing campaign for real estate are those that are properly lit and high-resolution.  Photos taken with a Smartphone simply can not compare with the quality of photos taken by an experienced real estate photographer.

It is also highly recommended not to list a property until the photos have been taken.  Why?  With only a few seconds to grab the attention of potential buyers, listings without photos will simply move on to other listings and most likely will not return to look at those without photos.

The marketing goal should be to get as many people interested in the property as possible.  Ensuring that the property is in great condition, presents well, and is captured with professional photography is what increases interest in a property. In turn, this will increase the competition to purchase the home and bring  the highest price for the seller as well as an increased commission for the real estate agent.

At Charm City Virtual Tours we take great pride in providing the highest quality of professional photography to attract the most buyers possible for the highest sale price possible.  See what a difference professional photos make for your listings and sales by insisting on professional photos!

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