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How Can Virtual Staging Help Sell a Property?

What, exactly, is virtual staging? As defined by Wikipedia, it is a type of home staging which is created through the use of graphic editors.  In other words, furniture and accessory pieces are created in a specific program and then those pieces are inserted into a photograph.  These items may consist of tables, chairs, sofas, rugs, plants, artwork, bedroom sets, patio furniture, etc.

But, you ask, why would anyone want to do this?  They say a picture is worth a thousand words…..except when it isn’t.  Let’s take a closer look at an example.

Studying the photo below, can you tell what room it is or what activities the room is used for?  Is it a Living Room? Dining Room? Home Office? Bedroom? How large is the room?  Will your furniture fit in it? Will it meet your needs? Is it appealing to you?

What could be done with this room to make it more appealing to a potential buyer of the property? The homeowner or realtor could hire the services of a stager to bring furniture in, or they could look for an alternative solution.

Enter the world of virtual staging. Once Charm City Virtual Tours adds some items to this photo the answers to any questions the viewer or potential buyer might have are easily answered…

virtual staging of Columbia MD bedroom

Now we can that this room is actually a bedroom, although prior to the furniture being added it actually could have been any of the rooms mentioned. We can also see that there is at least enough room for a double or queen sized bed, 1-2 night stands, and a dresser.

Some advantages of virtual staging are making a vacant property more appealing to buyers, providing a sense of room size and functionality, lower costs than traditional staging, and no need to worry about potential damage to furnishings and items. We’re sure you can think of some more benefits as well.

Below are some additional rooms which we have virtually staged. You may want to consider adding this service to your next listing to see what a difference it makes!



Columbia MD vacant condo
virtual staging of Columbia MD condo
Columbia MD vacant living and dining room
virtual staging of Columbia MD living and dining room

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