Reisterstown Md main exterior with snow

Snow? Bah Humbug!

Snow? Rain? It happens and sometimes unexpectedly.  Today was one of those days.  The photoshoot was scheduled for first thing in the morning and we were hoping to beat the snow/rain and then snow that was forecast.  No such luck – before backing out of the driveway the rain turned to snow.  So what’s an architectural/real estate photographer to do?

The shoot was about a half hour away.  I hoped that it might stop before the interiors were completed.  The snow gods were against me and if anything the snow began to increase.

As the main exterior photo is the one which is first seen by potential buyers and is their first impression of the property. This shot simply wasn’t going to do. At Charm City Virtual Tours we take great pride in delivering photos of the highest quality to our clients. After awhile I was able to come up with this shot which presented the property in a much more appealing way…

I actually enjoy shooting interiors on days like this.  No blaring sunlight streaming in the windows to try to overpower with flashes or speed lights.  The light seems to make everything feel soft and cozy. As a result only a minimum amount of additional light is needed to fill in some of the darker areas.

But…..I still had the nasty, snowy, exterior to deal with. Knowing that my client wanted to get this property on the market for the weekend a return trip on a nicer day wasn’t feasible.

After shooting several frames of the front exterior, it was time to put our editing skills to the test. After a relatively short time this was the final image which was produced and delivered to the client. Much better, don’t you think?

Reisterstown MD living room interior
Reisterstown MD exterior without snow

Happy listing agent, and a happy seller! All in a day’s work…

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