Zillow Walkthrough Video

Keep your listings ON TOP of Zillow and Trulia search results with our 2 min. Zillow walkthrough video! As the first approved provider in Maryland, we are excited to offer this service to you!

Based on statistics from a joint study by Google and the National Association of Realtors “The Digital House Hunt: Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate,” 70% of consumers want to view listing videos/tours, and this number is quickly increasing!

Why do you need a Zillow Walkthrough Video?

It isn’t always possible for prospective buyers to physically visit a property.  While still photos can grab the viewer’s attention, they don’t provide a sense of the layout of a property or the size of the property.  At times it is difficult to show how the rooms are connected, or how it feels to walk through it.  With a Zillow Walkthough Video the property can be shown in its fullest extent while allowing prospective buyers to essentially walk through it.  It’s also a more economical option than high-resolution video or a 3D Walkthrough tour.

A Zillow Walkthrough Video is a two minute video which highlights the best features of a property without any distractions.  No sound is included, so prospective buyers can view the property without being influenced by narration or music selection.

Did you know that listings with video get:

  • more than double the page views
  • double the “Saves,” and
  • more potential Buyer contacts!

We’ll also save and upload your completed video to YouTube for you.  You can then include the link in your emails to prospective buyers, embed the video on your website, or post it to your social media sites.

Order as a standalone product or combine your video walkthrough with our beautiful photography and other products and services for maximum impact!

Volume discounting is available –
please call 410-707-3306 for more information.