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3D Virtual Reality in the Baltimore Area: Our Solution

In our last post, we talked about 3D Virtual Reality Tours in the Baltimore area.  These 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Tours are quickly gaining ground in the Baltimore Metro Region.  Just as quickly, a variety of companies have sprung up to offer different formats for the creation and viewing of these tours.

At Charm City Virtual Tours, we spent several months reviewing and researching various systems. The cost of each system, ease of use, additional features, photographer reviews, customer reviews, and company reviews, were considered in our decision making process.

After our evaluation was complete, we found a solution which allowed us to use all of our existing equipment.  Yes, you read that correctly… we use all of our existing equipment to create our 3D Virtual Reality Tours.  “OK,” you say….”but what does that mean?”  What it means is that we did not have to buy another expensive (and proprietary) camera system to create 3D Virtual Reality Tours.  Instead, we use the same high-quality DSLR cameras that we use for our beautiful still photos.   This means that you get the highest possible resolution for your tour.

In addition, our solution provides:

  • no property size limits
  • interior and exterior views
  • viewable on all platforms, with or without VR goggles
  • an unlimited number of photos in three different resolutions for print, web, and on the MLS
  • a complete floor plan which may be used for navigation or printed
  • Branded and Unbranded tour links
  • a list of room labels and dimensions
  • the ability to embed video into the tour
  • free hosting for 6 months

Is it time for you to begin offering this technology to your clients to win more listings?  If so, please consider Charm City Virtual Tour’s solution.  Feel free to call us at 410-707-3306 to schedule your tour or ask us questions – we’d love to hear from you!

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